Welcome to Pearl Prestige Pools.


where we specialize in crafting custom residential and commercial pools to fit your space, budget, and style. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, fitness improvements, therapeutic benefits, or simply to enjoy with friends and family, we’ve got you covered.

We specialize in the following types of In-ground pools, Above-ground Pools, Indoor pools, Outdoor pools, Lap pools, Saltwater pools, Natural pools, Leisure pools, hydrotherapy pools, Diving Pools, Competition Pools, Horse-training Pools, Lazy Rivers, Man-made lakes

Basic Pool

This pool is designed for functionality, primarily intended for swimming purposes. It's a standard pool with basic fittings and standard shapes.

Standard Pool

This pool offers more customization than the basic option, providing a range of choices in materials and design within predefined parameters.

Premium Pool

This pool represents the epitome of luxury and customization. It's meticulously crafted according to the client's preferences, with endless choices in materials, colors, and design.

Infinity pools, skimmerpools and overflow pools

Man-made lakes

This pool is designed for functionality, primarily intended for swimming purposes. It's a standard pool with basic fittings and standard shapes.

Lazy rivers

This pool is designed for functionality, primarily intended for swimming purposes. It's a standard pool with basic fittings and standard shapes.

Diving pools

Diving pools have deep ends and diving boards for fun and competition, made safe with specific sizes and extras like lights.

Medical/hydrotherapy Pools


Medical pools are specifically designed for medical treatments and rehabilitation purposes. They are equipped with features such as adjustable water temperature, underwater treadmills, and resistance jets to support various medical therapies. Medical pools are often found in medical facilities and rehabilitation centers, aiding in physical therapy, aquatic exercise, pain management, and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Fish ponds

Create your own slice of paradise with our customizable koi fish ponds or traditional fish ponds, tailored to fit your space perfectly, whether indoors or outdoors. Let us take care of everything from start to finish, ensuring your pond not only looks beautiful but also keeps your fish happy and healthy. With our friendly guidance and support, you can enjoy the beauty of nature without any stress. Dive into relaxation and enjoyment with our hassle-free fish pond solutions, where your satisfaction is our main focus.

(We also do traditional garden ponds (no fish) that are much easier to maintain)

Equine swimming pools /pools for horses


We offer two options for equine swimming pools

Treadmill Pools: These pools feature a moving floor that mimics walking or trotting motions. Horses walk or trot on the treadmill while submerged in water, providing low-impact exercise and aiding in rehabilitation.

Free Swim Pools: In free swim pools, horses have the freedom to move about in a large, shallow pool. They can walk, trot, or swim as they please, offering a natural form of exercise and allowing for greater flexibility. Free swim pools are ideal for conditioning, rehabilitation, and relaxation for horses.

Water Features

Waterfalls, sheer decent waterfalls, rain curtains, water jets and bubblers, spillover spas, grotto and caves .

Fire Bowls and Pits for Pools

Elevate your backyard atmosphere with stylish outdoor fire bowls and pits offering both aesthetic charm and cozy warmth, fueled by propane for hassle-free enjoyment.

Intellibrite lights

We offer a wide range of lights for pools, fountains, and ponds, but our favorites are the Intellibright lights and Magic stream laminars . These special lights allow us to excel in our designs, creating unique masterpieces that captivate and delight.

Magic steam Laminar's

Intellibright lights are smart lighting systems known for their adjustable brightness and color options. With easy control and customization, they effortlessly set the perfect ambiance for any setting, whether indoors or outdoors. From serene relaxation to lively gatherings, Intellibright lights enhance every moment.

Endless pools  or water current units

Elevate your backyard atmosphere with stylish outdoor fire bowls and pits offering both aesthetic charm and cozy warmth, fueled by propane for hassle-free enjoyment.

Acrylic Wall Installation

Acrylic wall installation offers a sleek and modern aesthetic, providing crystal-clear views underwater and from the sides. Whether for new construction or professional installation in existing pools, it enhances their appeal, offering uninterrupted views and elevating the overall aesthetics.

Safety nets

Safety nets for swimming pools are protective barriers placed over the water’s surface to prevent accidental falls and drowning incidents, especially for children and pets. They offer peace of mind by providing an extra layer of security in residential pool settings.
(we provide these for cost price)

Artificial rock works

Artificial rock works are custom-made structures that mimic real rocks using synthetic materials. They’re perfect for enhancing outdoor spaces with their natural look and low maintenance.

Astro turf

AstroTurf is a synthetic turf surface commonly used for sports fields, playgrounds, and landscaping. It provides a durable, low-maintenance alternative to natural grass, offering a consistent playing surface year-round. With its realistic appearance and cushioned feel, AstroTurf is popular for a variety of outdoor applications, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for recreational activities.

Swimming pool decking

Swimming pool decking, made of materials like wood, composite, concrete, or stone, surrounds the pool. It offers space for lounging, enhances the pool area’s appearance, and improves safety by defining boundaries and providing a non-slip surface.cxv


Traditional saunas are cozy retreats where you can relax and unwind. With beautiful warm wooden interiors and inviting benches, they offer a soothing escape from the stresses of life. Just add water to the rocks, let the steam surround you, and feel your tension melt away. Saunas can also promote detoxification, improve circulation, and soothe tired muscles, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Steam rooms

Steam rooms are inviting spaces filled with steam, often generated by a steam generator or heated rocks. Adorned with beautiful tiled surfaces and comfortable seating, they offer a relaxing retreat. Steam rooms provide a cleansing experience, leaving you feeling refreshed inside and out.

Turkish baths /hammams

Hammams are traditional bathing establishments originating from the Middle East and North Africa. These tranquil spaces consist of interconnected rooms designed for cleansing and relaxation. The architecture typically features domed ceilings, marble or tiled surfaces, and decorative elements. Bathers move through a series of rooms with varying temperatures, including a hot room, a warm room, and a cold room, to experience the therapeutic benefits of steam, exfoliation, and massage. Hammams serve as communal spaces for socializing, rejuvenation, and cultural practices.


Gazebos are outdoor structures with a roof and open sides, often found in gardens or backyard settings. They provide a shaded and sheltered area for relaxation, dining, or socializing outdoors. Gazebos come in various styles and sizes, offering a charming focal point and enhancing the aesthetics of outdoor spaces.


A Jacuzzi, also known as a hot tub or spa, is a water-filled tub equipped with jets that produce a massaging effect. It is used for relaxation, hydrotherapy, and muscle relief, offering therapeutic benefits for stress relief, improved circulation, and pain management. Jacuzzis can be installed or built indoors or outdoors and are often equipped with features such as temperature control, lighting, and seating options